Hue University Of Medicine and Pharmacy


Director: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Hang
Vice- Director:  Mrs. Tran Nu Son Thi

1. Introduction

Center of Information – Library has been renamed according to the Decision No. 203/QĐ- ĐHH-TNCS dated October 10th, 2010. In 2015 – 2016, the Center was moved to new building with area of 3187m2. The center has been arranged and equipped with some new equipment such as computers, magnetic gates, barcode readers, plastic card printers, photocopiers, scanners with high speed, ... to serve better for the readers within the University and doctor and health staff of the Central and Highlands.

2. Organization structure and personnel

The Center has 14 staff: 2 staff has master degree, 4 staff graduated in Information Library major, 6 staff graduated in other majors such as foreign languages, IT and so on, 1 intermediate graduate and 1 employee

3. Function and task

The Center of Information and Library has the function of ensuring the collection, storage and dissemination of scientific information on Medicine and Pharmacy. The Center also supports lectures and students of the University to exploit effective scientific information sources on medicine and pharmacy. Over the years, The Center of Information and Library has provided thousands of electronic documents, books, magazines, information from PUBMED and other medical addresses online.

The Center has cooperated with the Learning Resource Center, Hue University to organize training courses on searching online information of Medicine and Pharmacy for all subjects: final year students, graduate students and lecturers. In addition, the Center also cooperates with individual organizations to organize activities on the occasion of Vietnamese Book day, life skills education classes for students; counseling for students and lecturers of the University on how to get the highest score in IELTS test by experts of the British Council...

The Center of Information and Library has cooperated with many Libraries, organizations and individual in the country and aboard such as MEDMEF (France) Library of Vietnam project, Medical Libraries Association, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States of America…