Hue University Of Medicine and Pharmacy



1. Introduction

The Health Management Training Institute (HMTI) is responsible for training medical human resource in the field of health management for health staff in Vietnam in general and in Central and Highlands. In addition, the HMTI also develops scientific research, international cooperation and application of science on health management in order to contribute to the cause of health care for people.

2. Organization structure and personnel

Associate Professor Doan Phuoc Thuoc, Vice Dean of Faculty of Public Health, Head of department of Health organization and management, Vice Director of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital is responsible for activities of the Institute.

Through 3 years of operation, there are 5 full-time staff and 10 part-time lecturers. All lecturers have PhD degrees and experience in education, research and management. Besides, the Institute also invites a number of health management experts from the Ministry of Health and international universities.

3. Function and task

- Training health staff according to the criteria of grade and title based on regulations of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Home Affairs.

- Full-time training for undergraduate and graduate students and short-term training for trainees in the field of health management.

- Conducting research, applying management on the health sector and consultation, transferring management technologies to health units in accordance with the law.

- Establish cooperative relationships in the field of health management with national and international organizations and conducting international projects, seminars and conferences.

4. Contact information:

1st Floor, Faculty of Public Health Building, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy