Hue University Of Medicine and Pharmacy


  Director:  Assoc. Prof. Ha Thi Minh Thi
Vice- Director:  PhD. Hoang Thi Mai Thanh


The Institute of Biomedicine is a high-technology center which performs “bench to bedsides” medical research in the Central Vietnam. It was established on June 4th 2012 with the following objectives:

  1. Promote and develop research capacity of the researchers of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy and shorten the gap between biomedical and clinical researchers.
  2. Provide high-quality training, especially Postgraduate training.
  3. Provide high-quality diagnosis for the patients in Hue University Hospital, Health Centers in the Central regions as well as national health care system.
  4. Develop international cooperation policies of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy in education and scientific research.
  5. Nurture and promote the development of biomedicine companies.

Over a period of 9 years, the Institute contributed to the Postgraduate education and promote the biomedical research in the University.


The Board of Directors of the Institute over the periods:

From 2012 to 2014:  
      Director:  Prof. Cao Ngoc Thanh
  Vice-directors: Prof. Huynh Đinh Chien
    Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Viet Nhan
    PhD. Le Van An
From 2014 to2020:  
  Director:  Assoc. Prof. Vo Tam
  Vice-directors: Prof. Huynh Đinh Chien
    Prof. Nguyen Viet Nhan
From 2020:  
  Director: Assoc. Prof. Ha Thi Minh Thi
  Vice-director:  PhD. Hoang Thi Mai Thanh

The Institute currently has 5 staffs including 01 Associate Professor, 01 PhD, 02 Masters and 01 engineer.


Post-Graduate training program:

  • Provide the training and education for International Joint Master in Medical Biotechnology Over the period of 9 years, 7 Master courses have been completed and 47 master students graduating from these courses.
  • Participate in training for Master of Biomedical Science courses in Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy.
  • Provide the training and education for PhD in Biomolecular and Biotechnological Sciences courses in the close cooperation with Sassari University.
  • Participate in the education for PhD program in EDUSHARE project.
  • Develop and participate in the Doctor of Biomedical Science program in Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2019.


Our studies mainly focus on the following fields:

  • Study on antibiotic resistance of Helicobacter pylori, steptococcus suis infection, parasite and micro-fungi infection.
  • Do research on infectious viruses in Asia in collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan University.
  • Participate in research on drug-resistant malaria and clinical trials for this disease in the collaboration with Purdue University (USA) and Torino University (Italy).
  • Provide research facilities for PhD students with the Universities from Estonia and Japan.
  • Publish many research papers on national specialized journals and 50 articles on international journals.


The Institute has cooperative activities with researchers from many countries. With regard to education aspect, together with Sassari University (Italy) and the Universities from Baltic countries, we have offered Master and PhD programs in Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy. We also expand the collaboration in biomedical research with many researchers from Japan, USA and Italy.

Contact information:

Address:  3rd floor, Building C, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy