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Selected Publications

Hue UMP's Publications (2018)

  • 20. Cytotoxic Evaluation of Compounds Isolated from the Aerial Parts of Hedyotis pilulifera and Methanol Extract of Inonotus obliquus
    Hoai Thi Nguyen, Duc Viet Ho, Phu Dinh Quynh Nguyen, Hung Quoc Vo, Thao Thi Do, Ain Raal
    Natural Product Communication, 13(8), pp 939-941. ISSN 1934-578X

  • 22. A New Tetrahydroxanthene-1,3(2H)-dione Derivative with Cytotoxic Activity from Uvaria cordata and Structure Revision of Valderramenol A
    Duc Viet Ho, Hung Quoc Vo, Tho Huu Nguyen, Thao Thi Do, Hoai Thi Nguyen
    Natural Product Communications, 13(5), pp 585-588. ISSN 1934-578X.

  • 23. A New Limonoid from Chisocheton paniculatus Fruit Collected in Vietnam and Its NO Production Inhibitory Activity
    Nguyen Thi Hoai, Ho Viet Duc, Hiroyuki Morita, Ain Raal
    Natural Product Communications, 13(10), pp 1255-1257. ISSN 1934-578X.

  • 42. Rhabdaprovidines D-G, four new 6,6,5-tricyclic terpenoids from the Vietnamese sponge Rhabdastrella providentiae
    Duong Thi Dung, Dan Thi Thuy Hang, Nguyen Xuan Nhiem, Tran Hong Quang, Bui Huu Tai, Pham Hai Yen, Nguyen Thi Hoai, Do Cong Thung, Chau Van Minh, Phan Van Kiem
    Natural Product Communications, 13(10), pp 1251-1254. ISSN 1934-578X.

  • 57. Imaging Characteristics of Esophageal Cancer on Multidetector Computed Tomography
    Ngoc Trinh Thi Pham, Trong Binh Le, Phuoc Hung Duong, Trong Khoan Le
    International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research

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